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  • We are a privately owned and funded company with a flat management structure for quick decision making

  • We occupy a strong financial position

  • We adopt a flexible approach

  • All our schemes are bespoke

If you own land or property that could have potential for development, we would like to hear from you. With over 35 years of success in gaining planning and constructing developments, we are experienced in delivering complex and technical developments that may have otherwise been overlooked. We have built a strong relationship with landowners and land agents throughout the Southeast of England. Working directly with Devine Homes as a house builder can help to maximise the value of your land or property and bring it forward efficiently for development.  

We are constantly searching for land and property on a subject to planning basis (without planning permission) that meet the following criteria:

  • Green field sites around towns and villages

  • Previously developed brownfield sites including garden land or commercial property

  • Immediate or strategic land with a minimum of £5M Gross development value

Our expert land and planning professional team, headed up by Luke Eldridge, would be pleased to hear from you to arrange a meeting to discuss available options. Please call 01737 274836 or email

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