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Image by Sven Mieke


stanton lodge, tadworth

Devine Homes assembled a development site by agreeing terms with the owners of properties with substantial rear gardens along Shelvers Way, Tadworth.


By selling the bottom portions of their gardens, the owners could gain significant value from a portion of their property.  

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Front edited Soldeir Edited 2 of 68)-47_edited.jpg

Maximising opportunity

What started out as an application for 6 houses expanded once more landowners became interested. 

By working with the Local Authority to address their concerns, Devine Homes were able to ensure the applications were agreed locally, without going to appeal and speed up the process. 

phase III

Devine Homes has recently secured planning permission for a further 8 dwellings, marking the start of phase III of Stanton Lodge.

Devine Homes Land and Planning Team seek to ensure that development opportunities are maximised for the land owners benefit and to deliver much needed housing in the Southeast.  

Architect Drawing Blueprint


"I was approached by Devine Homes with a view to selling part of my garden. Luke came to discuss the matter, and after agreeing to the sale, a fence was erected at the end of my garden. The work has been carried out unobtrusively and, of course, our family has benefitted from the sale.


 Luke invited me to visit one of the new houses and I was impressed, both with the houses and the layout of the development"

C. Tweeney, Owner of a host house

Contact us here if you have a site you'd like us to consider.

amblehurst green, billingshurst

Devine Homes have had an interest in different parcels of land in Billingshurst, promoted at different times to Horsham District Council.

A consortium was entered into with two other housebuilders to submit an application of 475 houses, land for a school and improvements to the local doctor's surgery.

Planting Trees

open green spaces

We believe that all communities should have access to high quality green spaces. Our development includes over 10 hectares of open space, as well as a new children's playground.

Promoting biodiversity not only increases the value of the homes, but also the quality of the wider development. At Amblehurst Green we planted over 200 trees and 400 metres of new hedgerow.


The modern and historic fabric of Billingshurst has benefitted form the residential scheme.

The famous Grade II listed windmill has been restored and incorporated along a new footpath, connecting the new residents with a piece of the village's history. 

The planning application included provision for:

  • land to accommodate a new primary school

  • land to accommodate an extension to the existing doctor's surgery

  • land for a new dentist's surgery and creche (falling within Clas D1)


the fountain pub, new malden

The Devine Group acquired The Fountain Pub in 2007.

Due to the age of the pub, it was in need of significant investment and renovation. 


By configuring the site and reducing the size of the car park, Devine Homes sought a mixed use scheme on the site. 

Through several iterations of the external design, Devine Homes was granted permission for a mixed use scheme in February 2019.

The  scheme comprises restoration and retention of the much loved pub, a new commercial unit, as well as 45 one, two and three bedroom, high-quality apartments.

The Fountain For Email.jpg

Construction of the site commenced in 2021 with the Fountain Pub likely to open its doors again in 2024.

We look forward to welcoming patrons again in the future.

Contact us here if you have a site you'd like us to consider.

skylark place, farnham

In 2014 Devine Homes identified the residential development potential of a former horse paddock on the edge of the village of Badshot Lea in Surrey.

The Devine land and planning team organised a pre-application meeting with Waverley Borough Council to discuss the planning merits of the site given that the Council was unable to demonstrate 1 5 year housing land supply. Subsequent permission was granted in 2015.


The site comprises 69 dwellings, 28 affordable units.  

Front edited Soldeir Edited 2 of 68)-51_edited.jpg
Image by Ben Wicks

In order to create a sense of community and local play space for the new residents, Devine Homes proposed a local area for play within the north east of the site. 

This area comprises a community play are for children with both formal and informal play equipment.


Devine Homes seeks to leave a legacy on sites, whether it be investing in the biodiversity or investing in children's play facilities.

At Skylark Place, we improved and provided upgraded bus stops with real time information, provided a car park for the neighbouring sport facilities and contributed towards upgrades along the public footpath which runs along the southern boundary.

Long after Devine Homes leaves the site, the benefits will be used and appreciated by the community the new residents are joining. 

Children Playing Football


"Our choice of Devine Homes as the preferred developer has been a very successful experience. Together we achieved a development that we can be proud of in a village where the family connection goes back many years. The partnership and sale to Devine could not have gone better."

Contact us here if you have a site you'd like us to consider.

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